Right Message to Right People

Build Your Marketing Plan

Raise your Profile with Decision Makers before they Tender

Getting in touch with public sector decision makers is hard. You don’t know who they are and their procurement teams will often actively try to prevent you engaging directly with end users. But engaging with actual end users is vital if they are to be aware of your services and ultimately trust you enough to get into a contract.

We help our clients identify who they should be engaging with and how they should do it.

Our Approach

Get the Content Right

We review our client’s content from an insider’s perspective to ensure that it is effective and attention-holding for public sector clients. We make sure that their language is appropriate and will resonate with public sector stakeholders as well as pointing out areas and nuances of application in the sector that our clients’ haven’t thought of. You only have a tiny window in which to grab your potential client’s attention. We make sure your content won’t turn them off.

Target the Right People

We help our clients to understand how public bodies operate and the difference between the procurement team and the end users themselves. We help our clients to decide who the right people are to approach, balancing accessibility with decision making power. The result is a set of individuals to target.

Choose the Right Engagement Methods

We help our clients find the best way to get through to their potential clients. This is to open a window of communication and to get their client’s attention. This can be any combination of hard copy letters, emails, phone calls, and social media, and our clients are often surprised to find that what works for them in the private sector won’t work in the public sector, and that different seniorities of stakeholder need different approaches and follow up methods.