Win GCloud Contracts

The Framework is only the Beginning of the GCloud Sales Process

The openness and ease of joining the GCloud framework is great. Once you are listed you can sit back and wait to win GCloud contracts can't you?

Unfortunately not! This is a common mistake and misunderstanding about these frameworks. Traditional frameworks typically contain around four or five suppliers, so all of them should expect to be invited to quote for call off contracts. They should all reasonably expect to get work from the framework.

However GCloud 9 has 2,847 suppliers on it and only 461 have won work. Only a small number of these will be invited into any further engagement. To get invited, you must do two things:

  1. Market yourself and your services to the public clients you want to engage with.
  2. You must ensure your listing is as catchy and powerful as you would want your website to be.

Therefore as you join the GCloud, you must not lose focus on your listing content and ensure it is:

  • clear and easy to read and understand - many buyers conducting searches on GCloud won’t be technical experts
  • competitive - the transparency of GCloud allows you to see your competition’s pricing (and them to see yours of course). Commercially are you placed where you want to be? Technically is your offering clear and distinct from your competition?
  • live - remember GCloud listings don’t last forever. The GCloud refreshes every six months or so and each framework lasts for one year. So GCloud 9 expires on 21st May 2018 (although it will be extended). The GCloud 10 procurement is expected to begin in April 2018.

Fernau Solutions can help you achieve GCloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists listings for the first time, or if you are re-bidding we can evaluate your current listings to optimise them for the next framework iteration. Contact us to discuss your problems or your plans.

Fernau Solutions helps you win GCloud contracts