Tender Debrief

It is always disappointing to hear that you haven't been successful in a tender and it is easy to take it personally. We give businesses an independent view of the evaluation which helps them to take the decision as objectively as it was made and to take the emotion out of the situation. This is very important for debriefing meetings as buyers will not give their most candid and valuable feedback to angry bidders. We help bidders to manage debrief meetings to get the most out of them and to understand what went wrong in their tender, including attending the debrief meeting with them.

If there is any element of the decision which is questionable we advise bidders how to proceed, using various routes for challenge.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

Alternatively send us your tender submission, the tender itself and the debrief letter, and we will analyse the three to identify:

- what you need to improve to win, including bid content, style and presentation

- what good looked like and what you need to exceed to win

- if any element of the decision is questionable, what you can do about it and options to move forward.