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Bid Review & Assurance (At end of Tender Period)

We use our inside knowledge of public procurement to help our clients to write winning bids.

We review our client’s bids from an evaluator’s perspective, providing our assessment of their current score, and giving them guidance on what is missing from their response.

They then have time to improve their bid before a final review and tender submission.

Bid Development & Writing (Throughout Tender Period)

Where there is more time available, we initially review the tender document to identify the implicit and explicit evaluation criteria and methodology, to identify potential pitfalls, and to suggest content areas.

Then our client prepares a very rough draft of their bid. We review this to test whether the direction is appropriate, which prevents re-work and stress later on.

Finally we review the full bid before submission.

Bid Training (Pre-Tender)

Writing strong bids is as much a skill as writing good exam answers. We help bid teams develop their skills to both commission and write high scoring answers.

We teach bid teams how to understand public procurement evaluation and to anticipate what buyers and their evaluators are looking for.

We also provide training on the wider procurement process and how to get the most out of it.

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Latest News

2017 Successes

I’m delighted to announce that I have a 100% success rate so far in 2017, with my clients being awarded places on the CCS Estates Professional Services framework, the Technology Services 2 framework, and also GCloud 9.

Public Sector Contract Delivery Pitfalls & Tips with Spend Network

I gave Spend Network an interview on the traps that new suppliers to government can fall into and how to avoid them. You can read it here.  Incidentally, if you are unsure of which tender website to sign up to when looking for opportunities, do check out Spend Network. They collate open data from all UK […]

GCloud 9 – Better Late than Never

Important Changes to the GCloud should have been considered earlier   GDS has blogged that the next iteration of the GCloud, the 9th, will feature a major re-structure and they are about to finish a buyer and supplier survey on lot structures. They promise the tender for G9 will be out in March and it […]

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